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Netmask (El-Mar) Internet Technologies Ltd.

Netmask Internet Technologies was founded in the early 1990's by Eli Marmor under the name "El-Mar Software", specializing in non-intrusive software technologies. At first the technology was used for general projects, such as porting MAGIC to UNIX, developing XRunner for Mercury Interactive, and the development of the user interface for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "Hunter".

This technology was used later for the development of localization products (like "The Hebrew Support for Workstations"). The company used these tools to achieve and implement almost 100 localization projects, including Hebrew localization of most of the UNIX systems available (for Sun, HP etc.) and Localization of many software products for software vendors such as Oracle. In addition, these products have been sold to large organizations, including Israel Electric Company, Israel Aircraft Industries and various security organizations.

In the mid 1990's ,the company has begun using the above knowledge for the Web, which was emerging not only as the main application of the Internet, but also as the future interface of the software industry. In the beginning of 1997 the company had submitted its first patent application (US patent 6,601,108), and by mid 2000 the company shifted its focus to this field. Later, Netmask raised seed money from well known IT managers in Israel, and deployed the alpha and beta versions of the Netmask.IT! Tool, enabling leading Israeli web sites to work with Hebrew.

In 2003, Netmask's R&D program has been approved by the Chief Scientist within the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a final version of the product has been released.

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